Saturday, April 24, 2010

The bitch is back...

Alright, listen...

I try to keep my personal life, personal. I try not to force my abundance of ish on the blogosphere masses (or the 63 of you that read my nonsense). And frankly, I can hardly force myself to care about my own shit, so I can't imagine that anyone else might. 
But I feel you deserve an explanation. Thank you to those who have resisted the overwhelming allure of the "unfollow" button. And to those who could not muster the strength to man-up and go down with this ship, you are welcome back anytime. No questions asked... perhaps some name calling... and fair-weathered follower references... but no questions.

So here's the deal... not the excuse... the real deal Hollifield.

In February, my boyfriend of over two years and I split... boo hoo hoo, right? Everyone's got a sad story... Except I wasn't sad. Or I thought I wasn't. It was a long time comin' and all for the best. And I finally, somehow, managed to untangle myself from his infinite web of lies. But there was a life that had been created with him. There was a future that had been planned. And that was all gone.

Apparently, I coped by quitting life.

I mean QUITTING life. Or rather, my old life... the life I had with him.

I moved out of his rental house that I was sharing with his sister (ummmm... obvy... there is potentially no bigger shit storm than having an ex as a landlord), I stopped auditioning, I quit looking for a new job, I started going out every weekend with my ladies, I abandoned Facebook and email and returning calls, I forgot to eat, I drowned myself in Reality TV and age inappropriate dramas. And sadly, I bailed on the blog.

I just couldn't find anything funny to say. I couldn't find ANYTHING to say, really. I was too busy running.
I probably still am.

But it's time to face the G.D. music. I'm a grown ass woman. And it's time to rejoin civilization... okay, no it's not, but it IS time to seek out that which I love again (i.e. acting, blogging, NOT working as a medical receptionist.)  This bitch is back, baby, buckle up... (and ps- that alliteration just kicked Shakespeare's ass)

So here's to the next chapter... 'Cause it's my memoir. So no one can write it but me.


  1. Glad to see your making a comeback!

  2. Welcome back!

    Did you hear that Vienna's Ex was just arrested for being a major dude in a drug cartel? They just can't make this shiz up!