Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I finally got a piece of the pie...

I don't deal well with change...

Never have...

I like consistency and familiarity and comfort...

I like knowing where I'm going and where I've been...

And then the last month happened. And everything I thought I knew was turned on it's head. And every molecule of certainty was drowned in piss. And every answer metamorphosed back into a question.

And for once in my 30 years I am embracing change... because it has bitch slapped me in the grill...

I just finished moving and unpacking and breaking down boxes. And by "just finished", I mean it's been 15 minutes. The process started 2 weeks ago. Moving is a bitch. And it has become very clear that I am NOT a minimalist... I have a SHIT TON of stuff.

But this move is good. I'm back living with my bestie. I'm out of the exes rental house. I'm obsessed with my fabulous apartment. I have a pool (which is enough in itself)... And I can't help but relish in the freedom. Like I can finally breathe again. Like the shackles have disappeared.

I was fully expecting a nervous break-down. I had already made some calls to Spears and Lohan's peeps to get the deets on thier looney bins of choice. And yet, here I sit, in my new room, full of content and possibility.

Growing up is a trip...

(I am posting this picture because when I typed "moving up" into Google Image Search I was greeted by Jack Nicholson in a shot that was clearly taken moments before he registered as a Sexual Predator per court order... You're welcome.)


  1. If Lola is dating men now...can you pass her my number??

    Wait...that came out wrong...what I mean is I desperately want to make love to a schoolboy.

    Crap again.

    Forget Jill.

    Great post as always and I hate those freaking creeps.

  2. Moving does suck. I will be glad when we move one more time to a house of our own (hopefully?)

  3. I hate moving too. Been here 2 years and still have unpacked boxes in the garage!