Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm an old soul... in fabulous new shoes...

I was born in the wrong decade.

A fact.

Agreed upon by several, confirmed by many.

I was born in the wrong decade.

I was supposed to be born in the 1930's. But someone up there dropped the ball and forgot to introduce me to the world on schedule. Not God, of course, we all know he doesn't make mistakes... but perhaps an assistant of his that he had trusted to handle the matter. It took 45 years for them to notice. So here I am. Now. Instead of then. But I was supposed to be born in the 30's.

The reasons are many. And only further validated as time passes...

  • Old Hollywood. 
      • I was destined to be a member of Old Hollywood. The glamour. The style. The irrefutable grace. There was a sophistication in Old Hollywood in the 40's and 50's and 60's that I was meant to be a part of. And the films... my heart bursts. They were magic. Pure magic.

      • The Music. 
          • One cannot deny the elegant brilliance of "The Standard" or the clean, crisp excitement of "The Big Band". Music written by celebrated composers and performed with stunning execution by gifted artists. Songs like I'll Be Seeing You, Dream a Little Dream of Me, Send in the Clowns, Blue Moon, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Rain On My Parade... Songs that bring on a sense of nostalgia and longing for a time that you may not have even been a part of.

          • The Fashion. 
              • There is no better fashion than that of the mid-19th century. Twin sets, hoop skirts, stockings, hats, gloves, capri pants, pin curls, cat eye glasses, feather boas, Betty Page bangs, knee socks, polka dots... It's. Just. Too. Good. Women dressed to the nines everyday. Men wore fedoras and suits. There wasn't a sweat suit in the bunch.

              • The Rat Pack. 
                  • My unparalleled obsession with The Rat Pack is borderline certifiable. One, Frank Sinatra, in particular. A man amongst boys. A gentleman and a scholar. An accepting, open mind amongst bigots. A rags to riches story for the ages. I AM IN LOVE WITH FRANK SINATRA. I swoon at the slightest glimpse of him. I melt at the sound of his voice. I giggle like a school girl each time he comes on screen. I refuse to believe that I was meant to exist in a world without him...

                  • James, Paul, Marlon, Frank, Warren, Cary, Rock, Clark... 
                    • They just don't make 'em like that anymore...
                  • The 'hood. 
                      • No matter where you lived in America, you knew your neighbors, you trusted strangers, you left your keys in your car, you kept your doors and windows unlocked, you let your children play in the street... it was a simpler time. It was a time before random killings and road rage and school shootings and hostage situations. 

                      • John, Martin, & Bobby.
                          • The leaders. Three of the many who demanded change. Three men who gave their lives for it. Three men who saw the potential for a better world and didn't sit back and wait for someone else to make it happen. Three men that transformed a nation. Men I wish I was alive to see, or hear, or thank, or hug...

                        • The Dating. 
                            • Doors were opened. Father's were asked permission. Holding hands was 3rd base. They say chivalry is dead... Chivalry is dead because women killed it... There is no loss of equality or suffocation of power when a man treats a woman with the utmost respect. If anything, it is the opposite.

                            • Rita, Grace, Ingrid, Audrey, Lauren, Marilyn, Katherine, Elizabeth
                                • I have never seen beauty like that up close. I fear I never will. There was a quiet exquisiteness, a classic delicacy, an ornate sparkle... there was an essence that no longer exists and a modesty that has long since been forgotten. They were flawless.

                                And yes, there are definitely things about the 40's, 50's, and 60's that I do NOT desire to be part of... World War II, racism, segregation, Vietnam, nuclear weapons... and while I know that they had a major role in the shaping of the society I covet and the world we live in today, I have to trust... if we had to do it all over again... we wouldn't do it the same...

                                And I still believe in the deepest caverns of my being that I was supposed to be born in the 1930's...

                                So if you had to choose... right now... if you HAD to go back... or forward...

                                What decade would you be born in?


                                1. Although you bring up some fine points, I think I was meant to be born in the 30s only so I could be at this point in my life in the 50s. I think being a 50s housewife would have been great - I mean, I do it now but they dressed way better than I do. Mothers actually taught their daughters how to dress & do their hair & make-up (thanks, Mom, for dropping the ball there). lol

                                2. My bf and I were Bonnie & Clyde last Halloween. Not hollywood glamour, but 1930s to boot! :) And I adore my hat!

                                3. Oh, we are kindred spirits. I wanted to be born in the 20's, so I'm a teen in the 30s and married in the 40s. the only other time line would be born in the 30s in order to be a wife in the 60s. And that's only b/c of the show, Mad Men. take care.

                                4. You are so right, it all looks so fabulous. The fashion would be top of my list. Can you imagine going on a 30's date, that would be so funny. Weird but kind of nice too!

                                5. According to a FB quiz, I should have been born in the 50's. Haha. But I think the 30's or 40's would have been better. Fun post.

                                6. but seriously that picture of you and blue eyes...i had to look twice. but seriously.

                                  xo, lo

                                7. I so agree. They do NOT make them like they used to. Beauty grace, class and talent. Compare today's fake talentless celebs to the stars of yesteryear. I call them stars because they truly were stars. There are no stars anymore. I've always loved Old Hollywood and the past. It's nostalgic. Future seems bleak to me. Past is where it's at.