Friday, January 1, 2010

Five question Friday... the blogger's answer to hangover writer's block...

Thanks to Mama M. for the easy out on blogging today... I'm a smidge NOT 21 anymore... 

Now onward and upward...

1. If you could bring one character to life from your favorite book, who would it be?

Jenn Lancaster... No question... except she writes memoirs, so she hath already been brought to life... by her mother... years ago... and she is quite a character. But I still want to meet her, and have coffee, and become besties over our mutual affection for brownies and hatred for stupid people

2. Where did you get your very first kiss?

On the playground... His name was J.D. He was the hottest bad boy in all of the kindergarten classes at my school. He said if a girl ever beat him in a race, he would be their boyfriend... Ah, yeah, you guessed it. The girl can run. So that day at recess I pinned him down and planted one on him. Come to think of it, J.D. and I are still together... We never officially broke up, I just went to a new school. Poor kid, I've cheated on him so many times...

3. How did you welcome in the New Year?

At the wifey's with an eclectic bunch. My honey was in bed by 10... cuz that's just the kind of guy he is, so my New Year's kiss was biting a slice of pizza... super romantic. We had fun though, we always have fun...

4. What is your favorite Beatles song?

There are three... and by that I mean all of them... but the Beatles' songs that make me the happiest when they come on are Eleanor Rigby, Penny Lane, and Hello Goodbye!
5. Donuts: Overrated, underrated, or 'bout right? 

Totally overrated! Donuts always smell SO good (or "hecka bomb" as my favorite teenaged barista would say) but it's a lotta hype, if you ask me... the smell of donuts suggests a much better result. And if my ass is getting any bigger, it's gonna be for cookies or brownies or pizza... can I get an 'Amen'?


  1. AMEN!! I love it!! Okay, so I chuckled all the way throught this post...from the intro to the AMEN finish! LOVED it!! I hope you join in again, 'cuz you make me laugh!

  2. Oh it was good. And for realz - NOT 21. Oh so glad for the 5QF!