Saturday, January 9, 2010

The beating of my heart is a drum... and it's lost... and it's looking for a rhythm like you...

I remember my first cassette tape. I played it incessantly. I never needed to rewind it. I just played side A and then side B and then side A again, over and over and over. I put a puffy reindeer sticker that I got at the school store on the front bottom corner of the case. A case that eventually cracked in several places and popped out of it's socket upon opening due to overuse. The cassette inside? Air Supply: Greatest Hits 1983... Obvy...

As a wee lass, I would choreograph dance numbers to Even the Nights Are Better and All Out of Love alone in my bedroom. I would sing into a hairbrush, dedicating each song to the Greatest Hits liner notes that included pictures of Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock, the men behind the music. I also remember quite vividly watching the Disney Channel one evening before bed. And there they were... Air Supply... a live concert at Disney World, performing in front of hoards of screaming women and children. At one point, moving into the audience with single long stemmed red roses, handing them out to the captivated few, lucky enough to be seated in the first three rows. I was furious with my mom for weeks. It was her fault I wasn't there, getting a rose of my own.

As I grew older and CD players became commonplace, I upgraded my cassette. I played that British/Australian duo with reckless abandon. It mattered none that Air Supply was not the high school norm. I shunned those who mocked me. Nothing and no one was going to keep me from The Hits. And those who loved, or were open to love, were welcomed into my passenger seat as friends and equals.

Air Supply has released multiple albums. They have several number ones. They are known world around. They are lame and soft rock and dated and 1980's and they have terrible hair. They are gooftards. But they are the men responsible for writing and recording my favorite song of all time. Unflinching, unfaltering, never to be outdone.

Making Love Out of Nothing At All...or THE GREATEST SONG EVER!

I sing the shit out of this song. Weekly. Sometimes more. I lose my voice. I crave this song if it's been more than a few days since I've heard it. It's a drug to me. There is no finer compilation in the history of music. 2 minutes and 15 seconds in, I get goosebumps... Every. Time.

There is a scene in Mr. and Mrs. Smith where My One True Love, Brad Pitt, sings along to Making Love Out Of Nothing At All on the radio... as if the heavens parted for the sole purpose of my ultimate fantasy being realized...If I recall correctly I had a minor stroke in the movie theater being witness to such a thing of beauty.

Air Supply is still performing today... in casinos... and not Vegas casinos, like side-of-the-freeway Indian Reservation casinos. But I don't care. I will hear my song performed live before I die... or before they do. It is imperative. And on the small chance you've forgotten the magic or, sac relig, have never partook in the glory, I have included the awesomely 80's music video. Please to enjoy.


  1. I prefer Journey. I get lost in Steve Perry's voice. I'll have to watch Mr. & Mrs. Smith the next time it comes on FX to check out that scene. Have a great weekend.

  2. Oh, weren't the 80's glorious? Love Air Supply, Journey, Foreigner, etc. Trying to imagine these two in their older years though? I keep imagining Conway Twitty and Jeff Daniels on stage. :P

  3. OMG I LOVE did I say LOVE Air Supply? My Hubby and friends would think I was such a geek for saying that but it is the truth!

  4. Wow...I heard that song the other day...I was with my kids and I was singing along. Then I get the token, "is the an old song?"