Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Being an actor is less about acting and more about boring...

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And now,
A poem...

There are only small actors
Only tiny, little factors
Which force on me solitude

There is scattering flattery
Ego's run wild
There are words made of bile
Lined up single file
Which soar projectile
From the mouths of the heads
Too big for the door
They move 'round the floor
Littered with
Covered in
Gaffing tape
In a parade, a charade
Of vanity

We're starting
No sounds
It's time to watch awkwardness magnified

Stumbling, fumbling
For anything
Resembling anything
That could be confused for anything
Other than shit

Just wait in the wings
Just flinch as she sings
Just pretend you don't silently judge
There are no small parts
There are no small parts
Yet I have a small part
And a giant grudge.



  1. great poem and new profile pic. thanks for your earlier post. you inspired me to tune into Jersey Shore. i married an italian {1/2} and the only thing he has in common with those boys is the obsession with working out. i am so grateful for that. the girls are fugly skanks. take care.
    btw - did i mention i'm following you? i am. since you want an oscar and i do as well, you should check out one of my blogs, Hollywood Obsessed.