Thursday, October 22, 2009

Who I am...

I am worth more than what I am offered
And who I am cannot fit on this page
But my life is littered with stories worth hearing
And I am meant to tell them on stage

I admit that I’m louder than necessary
But it’s just passion that cannot be caged
And when I find something funny I laugh at it
And I’ll smile and I’ll cry and I’ll rage

You can stand there smug and superior
But your judgment will cause me no harm
I am exaggerated and strong and determined
And that’s all just part of my charm.


  1. gorgeous poem. Love the line "passion that cannot be caged."

  2. I love your writing. You make me feel so Dr. Seuss-ish. "there once was a girl named Kathy!"

    The first stanza is my favorite! So true.

  3. Fantastic! I too am "louder than necessary!"

  4. Fab fab fab.

    And I'm starting to totally get you. Love it!

  5. loud is always necessary!

    thanks for stopping by my corner of the world